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Product : 01F21667
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Brake Pad

Brake Pad

BrandULI brake
Ref. 01F21667

ULI Brake Pads are all range is available Semi Metallic,Low Metallic and Ceramic.The range of items produced exceeds 2000 references for Japanese , Korean and European of Continental vehicle applications. Each product of Brake Pad to meet aftermarket specifications and safety standards. 


1.       Friction material matched to braking system            

2.       Semi-metllic,Low-metllic

3.       Full ABS compatibillty                          

4.       Resistance to brake fade                                              

5.       Excellent fade resistance and water recovery characteristics

6.       Reduced disc wear

7.       Anti-fading properties due to the friction material formulation

Multi functional composite grinder with safe grinding,both ends-chamfer and slot cutting processing function equipped for pad production


Electrostatic painting line equipped with imported spray gun was producted by the most famous Chinese manufacturer,products sprayed with well-proportioned surface and consistent colour,suitable for multi-clour spraying



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