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Product : 05F21674
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Autocount Safety scoreboard

Autocount Safety scoreboard

Colour Red only
Size 1330mm x 1650mm x 80mm
Ref. 05F21674 / HS Code :600

JT Asia Trading can create a custom Autocount Safety message scoreboard tailored just for you. Adding an eye

catching photo and/or your company name will get maximum attention reinforcing your commitment to

safety. Graphics along with a positive safety message to encourage the team that safety is the goal everyday. The

bright attention grabbing LED display raises awareness by displaying comparative scores encouraging workers to keep

up the effort to beat there previous record and reinforce the importance of working safely. The LED three to four digit

display helps you keep track of the number of accident free working days by automatically updating the digital number

Keypad can be extend 15ft from the

Display Message board

LED Message board Display programmable

by computer


Mains Power Supply Performance

Voltage 230VAC ± 10% 50/60Hz Module Matrix 16(H) x 32(W)

Power Consumption 20W with no load Character Row Pitch 10mm

160W maximum load Column Pitch 10mm

AC Cable Extention Length 10ft Operating Temperature 0'C to 40'C

Humidity Range 0% - 95% non-condensing Dimming Levels 0(min) - 15(max)

Dimension Overall H530 X W690 X D90 mm (message only)

Dimension w/t Frame ---- Horz. Viewing Angle 160 Degrees

Weight 12.6kg Scan Rate 1200+ Hz

Color Chrome & Black Model (Only Counter) 1.2RW-CUST-SAF1

Model (Message board) 1.2RW-CUST-SAF2

*Specification subject to change without prior notice, Version 200315Jim0163199391

JT Asia Trading (Malaysia) [F] www.facebook.com/JTAsiaTrading [E] JTAsiaTrading@gmail.com

systemevery 24 hours. Its is suitable for factories, contruction site, and hospital.

Scoreboards count up automatically each day to keep track of your company’s accident-free workdays and

motivate employees to work safely. It’s an eye-catching, interactive way to inform and alert employees while

promoting safety!

Innovative, durable, frameless construction

Made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum

In a power failure, all information is stored (built in backup batteries)

Tamper-proof display easily sets with handheld wire-remote control

Built-in hidden rear mounting brackets

Eliminate the hassle of manually updating safe days!

Four-digit, bright red LED display with numbers

Safety message scoreboard updates automatically every 24 hours.

Safety message scoreboard can be set for actual time to change.

Display colours available in red, green, yellow, 'white' & Blue

Adjustable brightness levels (Running message board display only)

Price - USD
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Supplier Only premium user Origin Malaysia
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