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Product : 06F21688
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Gillette  fusions , body  lotions

Gillette fusions , body lotions

Ref. 06F21688

Hello , we are in the market of wholesales and distribution of the listed products on this mail , we need to grow our network that is why we send you this email Heineken Lager Beer,Corona Beer,Kronenbourg Beer,Red Bull,Coca Cola,Monster Energy Drink.., Toiletries products , baby milk , aptamile , Nido , nutrilons foods and cigarettes . FMCG products , toiletries and cosmetics ,gillettes  ,  body  lotions  ,   cooking oil like snflower oil , corn oil we look for buyers and export our products if the customer agrees with out terms in the company contact us directly through our company email address below if you are interested by our offer contact email at

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