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Product : 10D9002
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Suttocide A

Suttocide A

Size 11.000 kgs
Ref. 10D9002

IBC 1.000 kgs or

Harricans of 20 Kgs,

-Broad spectrum activity

-Remains active at alkaline PH

- 50% aqueous solution

- Dual functionality - neutralization andpreservation

-Derivate of glycine

-Low order of toxicity

Synergistic with other preservatives

Formol sustitute, final use for perfume orcosmetic industrySuttocide A is derived from the amino acid(Glycine), and offers the benefits of a watersoluble preservative as well as neutralizing agentfor acids/acrylic polymers. Having a pH of 10-12,Suttocide can be used to raise the pH offormulations while adequately preserving them,thereby allowing the formulator to eliminate theneed for the use of auxiliary alkali in theformulation, making it a great choice forsurfactant systems where you can preserve andneutralize with one ingredient.

The reasonable cost, and low usage rate, makeSuttocide A a desirable ingredient for personalcare and cosmetics

Price - EUR
Price : 0.00 EURMin. Ord. 1.000 Kgs
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