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If you do not find the reactive you are lookingfor please ask to info@eteum.com 1,3-BUTANODIOL PS Stock 26 Units OF 5kg/l.1,3-butanediol PS1-NAFTOL PA Stock 27 Units OF 1 litro/kg1-NAPHTHOL PAALUMINIO NITRATO 9-hidrato PRS Stock 25 UnitsOF 5 kg/l.ALUMINUM NITRATE 9-hydrate PRSPOTASIO TIOCIANATO PRS Stock 10 Units OF 5kg/l.POTASSIUM THIOCYANATE PRSDICLOROMETANO est.c/etanol PS Stock 10 Units OF25 litrosDICHLOROMETHANE est.c / ethanol SPANHIDRIDO TRIFLUOROACETICO PS Stock 12 Units OF500 gr/mlPS trifluoroacetic anhydrideETER DE PETROLEO 100-120C PA Stock 12 Units OF2,5 kg/l.PETROLEUM ETHER 100-120 C PAGEL DE SILICE 60, 63-200 micras RE Stock 4Units OF 5 kg/l.SILICA GEL 60, 63-200 micronsREAZUR II DC Stock 4 Units OF 1 litro/kgAZUR IIDCCICLOHEXENO PS Stock 10 Units OF 1 litro/kgPScyclohexenePOTASIO YODURO 1 mol/l (1N) SV Stock 6 Units OF5 kg/l.POTASSIUM IODIDE 1 mol / L (1N) SVPOTASIO CLORURO CODEX Stock 17 Units OF 5kg/l.POTASSIUM CHLORIDE CODEXHIDRACINIO HIDROXIDO 80% PA Stock 40 Units OF 1litro/kgHydrazinium HYDROXIDE 80% PADL-ALANINA PRS Stock 86 Units OF 100 gr/ml.PRSDL-alanineBORO B=1000 ug/g ICP Stock 1 Units OF 100gr/ml.BORO B = 1000 ug / g ICPZINC SULFATO 1-hto. PRS-CODEX Stock 3 Units OF25 kgZINC SULFATE 1- hto. PRS-CODEXYODO mono-BROMURO PRS Stock 6 Units OF 250gr/mlIODINE BROMIDE mono-PRSACIDO FENILACETICO PS Stock 26 Units OF 1litro/kgPS phenylacetic acidZINC sol. patrn Zn=10,00 g/l ICP Stock 3 UnitsOF 100 gr/ml.ZINC sun. pattern Zn = 10.00 g / lICPAQUAMETRIC Solvent Oil RV Stock 35 Units OF 1litro/kgSolvent Oil AQUAMETRIC RVDISOLVENTE INDICADOR RV Stock 3 Units OF 25litrosSOLVENT INDICATOR RVMEZCLA TAN PA Stock 19 Units OF 5 kg/l.TAN MIXPAACETALDEHIDO PS Stock 2 Units OF 25 litrosPSACETALDEHYDEACIDO SULFURICO 93-98% HIPERPUR-PLUS Stock 1Units OF 250 gr/mlACID 93-98% SULFURICOHIPERPUR-PLUSCUPFERRON PA-ACS Stock 1 Units OF 1litro/kgCupferron PA-ACSALCOHOL ALILICO PS Stock 7 Units OF 1litro/kgPS ALLYL ALCOHOLANHIDRIDO CLOROACETICO PS Stock 5 Units OF 25gr/mlChloroacetic DIOXIDE PSGERMANIO s. p. Ge=10,00 g/l ICP Stock 2 UnitsOF 100 gr/ml.GERMANIUM s. p. Ge = 10.00 g / lICPTELURIO s. patrn Te=10,00 g/l ICP Stock 2Units OF 100 gr/ml.TELLURIUM s. pattern Te = 10.00g / l ICPZIRCONIO sol. p. Zr=10,00 g/l ICP Stock 2 UnitsOF 100 gr/ml.ZIRCONIO sun. p. Zr = 10.00 g / lICPn-PENTANO 95% (PAR) PAI Stock 4 Units OF 4litros95% n-pentane (PAR) PAIETANOL 96% v/v GMP Stock 21 Units OF 2,5kg/l.Ethanol 96% v / v GMPETILO BROMOACETATO PS Stock 1 Units OF 2,5kg/l.ETHYL bromoacetate PSETANOL 70% v/v (BP) CODEX Stock 4 Units OF 25litrosEthanol 70% v / v (BP) CODEXNITROMETANO PA-ACS Stock 2 Units OF 5kg/l.NITROMETHANE PA-ACSLITIO sol.patrn Li=10,00 g/l ICP Stock 2 UnitsOF 100 gr/ml.Sol.patrn LITHIUM Li = 10.00 g / lICPAMONIACO 20% (en NH3) HIPERPUR-PLUS Stock 1Units OF 250 gr/ml20% AMMONIA (NH3)HIPERPUR-PLUS1-PROPANOL PRS-CODEX Stock 5 Units OF 5kg/l.1-PROPANOL PRS-CODEXm-XILENO PRS Stock 3 Units OF 1litro/kgm-xylene PRS2-PROPANOL QP Stock 2 Units OF 30litros2-PROPANOL QP2-CLOROBENZALDEHIDO PS Stock 1 Units OF 1litro/kgPS 2-chlorobenzaldehydeOSMIO(VIII) OXIDO PA-ACS Stock 2 Units OF 1gr/mlOSMIUM (VIII) OXIDE PA-ACSMAGNESIO ACETATO 4-hto. PRS Stock 1 Units OF 25litrosMAGNESIUM ACETATE 4-hto. PRSACIDO CLORHIDRICO 1 M (Reag. USP) SV Stock 89Units OF 1 litro/kg1 M hydrochloric acid (Reag.USP) SVLITIO SULFATO 1-hidrato PA-ACS Stock 6 Units OF250 gr/mlLITHIUM SULFATE 1-hydrate PA-ACSN-CETIL-N,N,N-TRIMETI.BROM. PA Stock 10 UnitsOF 100 gr/ml.N-cetyl N, N, N-TRIMETI.BROM. PACLOROBENCENO SECO DS-ACS Stock 9 Units OF 1litro/kgSECO CHLOROBENZENE DS-ACSAMONIO BROMURO PA-ACS Stock 14 Units OF 1litro/kgAMMONIUM BROMIDE PA-ACSSODIO BROMATO PRS Stock 2 Units OF 1litro/kgSODIUM BROMATE PRSBARIO SULFATO PRS Stock 10 Units OF 1litro/kgBARIUM SULFATE PRSAC.2AMINOB.(Ac.Antranlico) PS Stock 3 Units OF500 gr/mlAC.2AMINOB. (Ac.Antranlico) PS2-PROPANOL sol. 40% v/v QP Stock 4 Units OF 25litros2-PROPANOL sun. 40% v / v QPBROMO PS Stock 1 Units OF 1 litro/kgPSBROMOSODIO YODURO 2-hidrato PA Stock 3 Units OF 250gr/mlSODIUM IODIDE 2-hydrate PAPERMANGANATO POTASICO PRS-CODEX Stock 2 UnitsOF 5 kg/l.Potassium permanganate PRS-CODEXREACTIVO NESSLER A RE Stock 15 Units OF 100gr/ml.Reagent A RE NESSLERAMONIO LACTATO solucin 70% p/p PS Stock 6Units OF 1 litro/kgAmmonium Lactate solution 70% w/ w PSTETRABUTILAMONIO YODURO PS Stock 2 Units OF 100gr/ml.PS Tetrabutylammonium IodidePOTASIO CIANURO PRS Stock 20 Units OF 250gr/mlPOTASSIUM CYANIDE PRSPOTASIO NITRAT s/antiap ADITIO Stock 4 Units OF5 kg/l.POTASSIUM NITRAT s / antiap ADITIO1,2,3,4-TETRAHIDRONAFTALENO PS Stock 7 Units OF1 litro/kg1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene PSAMONIO PERCLORATO PRS Stock 12 Units OF 250gr/mlAMMONIUM PERCHLORATE PRSACIDO SULFURICO 96% PA-ISO Stock 12 Units OF2,5 litrosSULFURICO ACID 96% PA-ISOESENCIA DE TREMENTINA est.TOCOFEROL QP Stock 1Units OF 5 kg/l.Turpentine est.TOCOFEROL QPGADOLINIO s. p. Gd=1,000g/l ICP Stock 2 UnitsOF 100 gr/ml.GADOLINIUM s. p. Gd = 1,000g / lICP2-BUTANOL PS Stock 1 Units OF 5 kg/l.2-butanolPSCROMO sol. patrn Cr=10,00 g/l ICP Stock 1Units OF 100 gr/ml.CHROME sun. pattern Cr = 10.00g / l ICPESTRONCIO s.patrn Sr=10,00 g/l ICP Stock 1Units OF 100 gr/ml.STRONTIUM s.patrn Sr = 10.00 g/ l ICPNIQUEL s.patrn Ni=10,00 g/l ICP Stock 1 UnitsOF 100 gr/ml.S.patrn NICKEL Ni = 10.00 g / lICPL-CISTINA ADITIO Stock 12 Units OF 100gr/ml.L-CYSTINE ADITIOETER DIETIL.es. BHT PA-ACS-ISO Stock 4 Units OF2,5 kg/l.ETHER DIETIL.es. BHT PA-ACS-ISOBENCENO PRS Stock 6 Units OF 1 litro/kgBENZENEPRSPIRIDINA PS Stock 3 Units OF 2,5 kg/l.PyridinePSLITIO NITRATO PRS Stock 1 Units OF 5kg/l.LITHIUM NITRATE PRSn-PENTANO 95% PS Stock 2 Units OF 5kg/l.n-pentane 95% PSMERCURIO s. p. Hg=10,00 g/l ICP Stock 1 UnitsOF 100 gr/ml.MERCURY s. p. Hg = 10.00 g / lICPACIDO OCTANOICO PS Stock 6 Units OF 1litro/kgPS octanoic acidACIDO 1H-INDOL-3-BUTIRICO PS Stock 28 Units OF5 gr/ml1H-indole-3-butyric acid PSACIDO L(+)-TARTARICO PRS Stock 1 Units OF 5kg/l.L (+) - tartaric PRSRESORCINA PRS-CODEX Stock 12 Units OF 250gr/mlRESORCINOL PRS-CODEXREACTIVO DE SCHIFF RE Stock 18 Units OF 250gr/mlRE SCHIFF REAGENTn-PENTANO 95% (PAR) PAI Stock 6 Units OF 1litro/kg95% n-pentane (PAR) PAIMAGNESIO SULFATO 7-hidrato GMP Stock 74 UnitsOF 50 gr/mlMagnesium Sulfate 7-hydrate GMPNEODIMIO s. p. Nd=1,000g/l ICP Stock 2 Units OF100 gr/ml.Neodymium s. p. Nd = 1,000g / l ICPPRASEODIMIO s.p. Pr=1,000g/l ICP Stock 2 UnitsOF 100 gr/ml.Praseodymium S. P. Pr = 1,000g / lICPHEXANO, mezcla de alcanos PRS Stock 1 Units OF25 litrosHEXANE, PRS alkane mixtureACIDO CLORHIDRICO 37% (TMA) ANALPUR Stock 1Units OF 500 gr/mlHYDROCHLORIC ACID 37% (TMA)ANALPUR1,4-DIOXANO esta.25ppm BHT PRS Stock 1 Units OF5 kg/l.1,4-dioxane esta.25ppm BHT PRStri-SODIO CITRAT.2-h. GMP Stock 66 Units OF50 gr/mltri-Sodium CITRAT.2-h. GMPETANOL ABSOLUTO GMP Stock 8 Units OF 2,5kg/l.ABSOLUTE ETHANOL GMPTRICLOROM.e.


Origin : Barcelona
BUTYL RUBBERS Butyl rubber is one of the mostused and fastest growing general and specialpurpose synthetic rubbers.It is very versatile, emphasizing theirresistanceto weathering.It is highly resistant to ozoneand ultravioletlight.High resistance to aging.Good electrical properties andradiationstability.Good chemical resistance, mineral acids,ethersand ketones.Low resistance to oils.Not resistant aliphaticand aromatichydrocarbons.Its temperature range is -20 ° C / + 90° CThe rubber applications E.P.D.M. are verydifferent :Profiles in the field of industry.Profiles and pipes in the automotivesector.Profiles in thebuilding industry.Gaskets.Sealing doors in cold storage.Cable insulation.Waterproofing roofs, ponds, pools, etc.Format: 1.40 mt. X 10 mt.Features butyl rubberDESCRIPTION: butyl rubber gasket Print.The most important features of the board aretheflexibility and long-term sustainability.Since the butyl rubber sheet in thisrespectthan any other product,can be consideredperfect seal.Function: waterproof terraces, limes,tunnels,bridges, foundations, pools, dams,reservoirs andcanals.DURATION: Minimum 10 years.It is extremelyresistant to air(ozone)environments light (UV), bacteria, fungiandaggressive in general.When placed the seal is covered with aspecialcoating (usually light gray) that protectstheblade and extend its life for many years.REPELLENT: is seven times higher than thatofPVC and twenty times longer than asphalt.To becompletely waterproof, that can bepermanentlyunder water, unlike othermaterials.FEATURES: Very flexible, very punctureresistantand root penetration.KN / m2 tearresistant 50.Elongation at break of 400%.Temperature resistant from -55 ° C and +80° C