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Product : 12A362
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RECT.EXT.TABLE 180-240X100

RECT.EXT.TABLE 180-240X100

Colour Light Brown
Size 180x100x74 cm
Ref. 12A362

1.Material:Teak Wood

2.Finishing:Fine Sanding

3.Packing: Carton Box /Wrapping Paper

4.Hardware: Brass

5.Delivery: max 60 days

6.Price:Ex work (Trucking / Local Handling and Shippingcost at Semarang excluded the price)

7.Payment :Deposit 40%-60% after receiving copyof shipping documents


9.Signed proforma invoiceis not subject to change, theorder of cancellationwill still be charged and the deposit is NONrefundable

10.In the event of containersize reduction for an example 40f tto 20ft, thereduction order will be charged half from thedeposit payment

11.Order changes areallowed within 2 weeks from the dates of signedproforma invoice.

12.Price is subjectto change without prior notice unless confirmed

Teak Table

Price - EUR
Price : Register & Contact usMin. Ord. ---
Supplier Only premium user Origin Semarang; Indonesia